Academic Advising Center

Academic Advising Center Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the maximum number of undergraduate hours I can enroll in a semester?

     You may enroll in up to 18 hours (9 in the summer) without special permission. To enroll in up to 20 hours (10 in the summer) you will need your advisor's permission and to enroll in 21-24 hours (11-12 in the summer) you will need the permission of the dean from your school. Oklahoma Regents allow no more than 24 semester hours credit granted for a fall or spring semester, or 12 hours for a summer term without special permission from the Office of Academic Affairs.


2. Are there special rules for Internet courses?

     All Oklahoma State Regents' and institutional policies, standards, and guidelines for on-campus instruction apply to electronic instruction. (ECU catalog, p.24)


3. Is child care available on the ECU campus?

     The Child Development Center serves children birth - 5 years. The center is located in 131 Fentem Hall. For information call 580-559-5629.

4. How can I find out who my advisor is? I don't think I have an advisor.

     Every student is assigned an advisor in their major area of study, if you are not sure who your advisor is you can check in student information. If you have not declared a major, you are assigned to an advisor in the Academic Advising Center.

5. I want to change my major, how do I declare a new major?

Steps to change major and/or advisor:

1. Pick up a "CHANGE OF MAJOR AND/OR ADVISOR" form in the Office of Admissions and Records, 111 Administration.

2. Visit present advisor, get signature on form and pick up folder.

3. Visit Department chair of new major area (listed in the catalog with department description) obtain signature and name of new advisor.

4. Visit new advisor, deliver folder and signed form.

5. New advisor will send form to Office of Records and Admissions. Changes are not make in the computer system until the form is received in Office of Records and Admissions.