Tiger Spirit
ECU Dance Team

Welcome to the ECU Dance Team Page!


Ideally the ECU Dance Team will consist of 8-12 dancers.


The purpose of the ECU Dance Team, the Tiger Dancers, is to support and promote the spirit of ECU Athletics. The ECU Dance Team will perform at all home football and basketball games, at pep rallies, select away games, and various community activities.


The Tiger Dancers perform a variety of dance styles ranging from traditional pom to jazz to hip hop. Most of the team has had former dance training or has been a member of a high school dance team. Typical technique that is performed includes double and triple pirouettes, fouette turns, axel turns, calypso leaps, grand jetes leaps, and switch leaps.


Tryouts are May 4th and 5th. Registration begins at 4:30pm on the 4th.

Tryouts are held in late April/early May. Tryouts consist of two workshops and auditions. Attendance at both workshops is mandatory. Participants are taught three 8-count sections (jazz/lyrical, hip hop, and pom), which they will perform for auditions. Participants will be judged by the coach during the workshops and by a panel of three judges at auditions. Audition attire is at the discretion of the participant; however, black dance pants and a fitted top are suggested.


The Tiger Dancer season begins in May after the new team has been selected. Rehearsals are held throughout the summer to prepare for camp. Regular practices begin in August and continue until the following March. Practices are held four days a week for 2 hours each. Additional practices are scheduled as necessary.


Members of the ECU Dance Team receive $300 scholarship for both the fall and spring semesters. All uniforms and camp costs are provided by the school.

If you would like more information about the ECU Tiger Dancers or are interested in seeing a performance, please contact Dance Team Coach, Jill Clark, at 405-406-5872 or by email, jillclark71487@gmail.com.