Tiger Leadership

Leadership Program Objectives

  • Leadership development
  • Networking
  • Service Projects
  • Conferences, camps and workshops
  • Program consists of two levels, two years or four semesters
  • Highest level receives:
    • Leadership designation on official university documents
    • Certificate of completion
    • Graduation honors

Level I - Beginning Fall 2010, Level I will meet the third Thursday of each month @ 5:30 P.  Applications will be available the first day of classes with a deadline of Friday, September 10.  Level I is primarily for sophomores and juniors and is limited to fifteen participants.   The first meeting of Level I will be September 16.

  • Participate in two or more student organizations Student organizations are listed on the ECU web under current students and campus life.
  • Attend two special lectures concerning leadership and motivation The Society of Success and Leadership presents monthly interactive live broadcasts. Additionally, there are guest lecturers on campus at various times.
  • Participate in two community service projects and serve as a leadership representative for participant registration in the new Service Saturdays program. Service projects are posted and available monthly. Check out Service Saturdays for a list of community projects.
  • Participate in a monthly leadership seminar based on the book Exploring Leadership (Komives, 2007).
  • Participate in a designated leadership conference, camp or workshop
  • Complete an Optimal Resume' with the Career Resource Center
  • Level I consists of two semesters and must be completed before Participating in Level II.

Level II - Beginning Fall 2010, Level II will meet the first Thursday of each month @ 5:30 P.  This level is only available to those who have completed Level I.   Deadline for level II applicants is Friday, August 27.  The first meeting of Level II will be September 2.

  • Participate in two or more student organizations and hold an office in one or both.
  • Be a team leader for one of two community service project
  • Participate in a monthly leadership seminar based on the book Exploring leadership (Komives, 2007)
  • Serve as a mentor to Level I leadership participants
  • Level II consists of two semesters.
  • Individuals completing Level II may continue to participate as a Leadership Program Mentor.

Future Goals

  • Scholarship program
  • Course related requirements (leadership)
  • Leadership outreach program for high school freshmen

Tiger Leadership Program is a component of Campus Life & Leadership.

Entry level applications can be picked up at the Campus Life and Leadership office, UC 152.   Applications are taken at the beginning of each academic year.

Need more information? Contact the Campus Life & Leadership Office, University Center 152.


Works Cited
Komives, S. R. (2007). Exploring Leadership. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.


Something NEW!
Leadership development is available in DVD.  A leadership library has been started to help your group explore the many aspects of effective leadership.  You may check out the following DVDs from our new library.

  • Effective Strategies for Dealing with Conflict
  • Developing and Strengthening an Unstoppable Team
  • Defining Leadership Roles and Conducting Efficient Meetings
  • Strategic Planning for Student Leaders
    2008 National Conference on Student Leadership
  • Student Leadership Retreats:  Research-based Best Practices
  • Strategies to Decrease Binge Drinking: Templates, Advice & Lists
    2009 Magna Publications

New Library Resources:

  • Back to Basics:  Communication in a Web-Focused World
  • Civility in the Age of "Whatever"
  • Energize Your Membership:  Creating Active Members
  • Keeping Stress Under Control
  • Leveraging Your Leadership on Campus
  • Maximize Your Time
  • Risk Management 101
    2010 The Student Leader: a Division of Magna Publications