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 Future Plans of Bachelor's Degree Recipients 

Bachelor degree recipients who attended commencement on December 15, 2012 were asked to complete a brief graduation exit survey about their future plans.   These students were asked “What is MOST LIKELY to be your PRINCIPAL activity upon graduation?” Of the 224 undergraduate students graduating in the fall 2012 semester, 147 students completed the survey, which is about a 66% response rate.  An analysis of the survey responses is shown below:

Undergraduate Graduation Exit Survey Results
December 2012
Category n %
Employment, full-time paid 125 53
Employment, part-time paid   13 6
Graduate or professional school, full-time 44 19
Graduate or Professional school, part-time 20 8
Additional undergraduate coursework 2 1
Military service 1 0
volunteer activity (e.g., Peace Corps) 7 3
Starting or raising a family 22 9
    Total 236 100



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 Undergraduate Graduating Exit Survey - Spring 2012 (pdf)

 Undergraduate Graduating Exit Survey - Spring 2011 (pdf)

 Undergraduate Graduating Exit Survey - Spring 2010 (pdf)

 Undergraduate Graduating Exit Survey - Spring 2009 (pdf)


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