New Student Programs & C.A.R.E.

2008-2009 Peer Mentors

Hello Tigers! The Office of New Student Programs & C.A.R.E. wants to welcome you to our department pages. The Office of New Student Programs & C.A.R.E is located here on campus and our main goals are to help YOU make the best decisions that you can for your college career!

  • Do you feel like there is NO way you can do well in a class that you are in?
  • Are you overwhelmed with balancing class, work, family, friends, and etc?
  • Have you been missing a lot of class and feel really behind in your classes?
  • Are you just struggling to get through a class?

If any of the questions above sound like you -- call, e-mail, or stop by our office and we can help assess your situation and get you back on the right track! The staff and faculty at East Central want all of our students to be successful and this is just another way that we can help you do that.

Also DON'T FORGET to check out our Dear Roary, section on our pages! This page has lots of Questions & Answers about what to do if you don't think that you are doing well in your classes.


Office of New Student Programs & C.A.R.E. 
Located in Administration 102-A 
Open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. -- 5:00 p.m.



Mission Statement

The Office of New Student Programs & C.A.R.E. is committed to helping ECU’s freshmen and their families as they transition through their first year of college.  The Office works to foster the success of freshmen by providing programs and services that connect students to one another, while engaging in meaningful ways with ECU faculty and staff.