What is Good Standing and why does it matter?

To maintain "good standing" in the Honors program, you should

  • maintain at least a 3.3 g.p.a. (3.0 if you began prior to 2007) and
  • complete at least 6 hours of Honors coursework per year

For those graduating with University Scholastic Honors, Honors Gold, the 24-hour program works out to eight 3-hour classes; this easily translates to one 3-hour course per semester for eight semesters, but some of you may take summer coursework, particularly during Engagement Honors experiences. When I review transcripts, as long as I see two courses per year (including OSLEP seminars, summer research experiences, etc.) I assume you're making progress toward your Honors credentials. Please contact me if you're concerned about your ability to finish your Honors credentials before graduation.

For those graduating with Departmental Honors, Honors Silver, you'll need 9 hours of 3000-4000 level Honors coursework. Since many (but not all) of you start departmental Honors at ECU as transfer students, you'll be here 3-4 semesters. Again, one Honors course per semester will be about right, since I advise against anyone doing Honors work the last semester of their senior year.

What this all boils down to is this: as long as you successfully complete two Honors courses per year, and keep your gpa at 3.3, you're in good standing as far as housing, priority enrollment, enrollment in Honors courses, scholarships and other Honors benefits go. The program allows one semester grace if you drop below the 3.3 gpa, to allow you time to pull your grades back up the next semester. After that, if your gpa is still below 3.3, I'll assume you've decided not to pursue Honors work and remove you from the list for Honors housing, priority enrollment, Honors coursework, scholarships, etc. Of course, you may petition for reinstatement if your gpa rises above 3.3. Just stay in contact with me if you have any questions at all about your standing in the program.

Note from the Registrar:
If you have completed 60 hours or more and at least one semester at ECU, you should request an official degree check from the Office of Admissions and Records if you have not already had a degree check. For more information, contact ADeidra Simmons at 559-5236.