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School of Graduate Studies


MS Accounting

MS Human Resources

MS Psychological Services

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*Candidacy Forms*

Application for Candidacy Instructions

Application for Candidacy

Diploma Application


*Course Change Forms*

Graduate Course Substitution

Contested Grade Change Appeal

Uncontested Grade Change Appeal

Incomplete Grade Change

Grade Change for F or WF to W


*Degree Change Form*

Request for Change in Degree Option



Non-Resident Waiver Application

Graduate Tuition Waiver


*Faculty Forms*

Graduate Faculty Recomendation

Graduate Seminar Request


*Degree Options Checksheets*


Masters of Education

 0800 - Elementary Education

0830 - Elementary School Principal

0820 - Reading

0830 - Secondary Education

0831 - Secondary Education-Secondary School Principal

0832 - Secondary Education-Educational Technology

0833 - Secondary Education-Sports Administration

0834 - Secondary Education-Academic Discipline

0841/0842 - Elementary/Secondary School Counselor

0850 - Special Education

0900 - Library Media


Post Master Certificate Program

 0900 - Library Media Specialist

0875 - School Superintendent

0876 - School Psychologist

0877 - School Psychometrist


Masters of Psychology

 0860 - Track A - Community/Clinical

0860 - Track B - School


Masters of Human Resources

 0891 - Administration/Human Resources

0892 - Counselor - Community

0894 - Rehabilitation Counselor

0895 - Criminal Justice


Masters of Accounting

 0970 - Accounting


All masters degree programs have a limit of six years in which to complete the degree.  A student can progress at their own pace and complete the degree in less than six years.