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The Department of Human Resources is the home of different and dynamic academic programs that share the common goal of preparing students to work with people in a variety of human services agencies and organizations.  The human service field is one of the most rapidly expanding career fields in America today.  The multidisciplinary nature of the Department of Human Resources focuses on those careers which require professional preparation and training for services to individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities.

The Department of Human Resources offers eight undergraduate program options and four graduate options to meet the diverse interest of students' pursuing a career in the helping professions.  Degree programs in the Department include Human Services Counseling with concentrations in Aging Services, Human Service Counseling, Rehabilitation Counseling, and Services to the Deaf.  The Services to the Deaf concentration is one of only three in the nation; and also offers minor in Interpreting which qualifies the student to sit for the State level interpreters certification.

The Criminal Justice Program offers three concentrations, one in Adult Corrections, Juvenile Justice, and Law Enforcement.  The Law Enforcement concentration administers the Collegiate Officer Program which prepares students for CLEET certification required by all law enforcement agencies in Oklahoma.

The Social Work Program is professionally accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE), the sole accrediting agency for social work education in the country.  Our Social Work Program is the only accredited program in Southeast Oklahoma.

Our Master of Science in Human Resources has four options.  Two 36 credit hour degree programs, Human Resources Administration option and a Criminal Justice option.  Additionally, we have two 60 credit hour degree programs, the Counselor option and the Rehabilitation Counselor option.  Both programs, upon completion, qualify graduates to sit for the Licensed Professional Counselor exam.  The Rehabilitation Counselor option program is accredited by the Council on Rehabilitation Education (CORE) which qualifies the graduate to obtain the Certified Rehabiliation Counselor (CRC) certification.

Also housed in the Department is the Brandon Whitten Institute for Addiction and Recovery whose mission is to assist both campus and the community groups and agencies with providing quality addiction and recovery services through education, collaboration and scholarship.

Students in the Department of Human Resources, through their choice of a major and minor, may create a degree plan which will meet employment requirements for a variety of human service careers and the specific requirements for his or her major career field. 

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First Row:       Ms. Teri Lambeth, Dr. Jim Burke, Dr. Carol Bridges
Second Row:   Dr. Paul Emrich, Dr. Paige Williams, Dr. Janet Flowers, Ms. Sonya Hensley 
Third Row:      Dr. Steven Roring, Dr. Linda Massey, Ms. Michelle Price, Dr. Regina Robertson, 
                      Ms. Holly Witherington
Fourth Row:    Mr. Thom Parr, Mr. Ed Smith, Dr. Janna Byrd, Ms. Carol Peshehonoff,
                      Ms. Carol Maxwell