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Eastern Oklahoma State College - McAlester Campus
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McAlester, OK 74501

Undergraduate Programs:

This program is designed for non-traditional students who completed a substantial amount of undergraduate work but chose not to complete their previous college major.  The BGS program permits students to combine prior college work with a minimum of four core courses (12 hours).

This program is designed to take associate degreed registered nurses to a bachelor of science in nursing in only 5 semesters.

The primary objective of this program is to prepare students for beginning human services positions in a variety of government, civic, and private agencies and organizations.

The primary objective of the Social Work degree is to prepare students to enter social work practice at the beginning professional level following graduation.

Graduate Programs:

The Master's Degree in Human Resources is designed to provide the student with the theory, knowledge, and skills necessary for employment in a variety of public and private settings.

      • Human Resources (36 hours)

Administration - focuses upon the problem-solving and decision-making responsibilities of modern management.

Human Services - provides the opportunity for development of the necessary skills to become an effective human service provider.

      • Counseling (60 hours)
      • Criminal Justice (36 hours)

Students completing this program will have the coursework necessary to pursue licensure as a professional counselor.

The Master of Education degree enables teachers to expand their career possibilities and to develop and improve their skills, allowing them to work more effectively with children, parents, and teachers. 

      • School Counseling - Elementary/Secondary (32 hours)
      • School Principal - Elementary/Secondary (32 hours)
      • Elementary/Secondary Education (32 hours)
      • Secondary Education with Library/Media Specialization (32 hours)
      • Special Education (32 hours)
      • Secondary Education - Educational Technology (32 hours)

Student Services:

  • Program information
  • Academic advising
  • Admissions
  • Enrollment
  • Schedules
  • Textbook purchases
  • Library