Standing Committees
Nomination and Election Committee: This committee shall conduct and supervise the election of Council members and any other election assigned to it by the Council. The committee shall also make recommendations concerning the process for nominations and elections to the Staff Council.
Standing Committees (possible committees)
The Staff Council will create standing committees of 6-8 staff members to investigate the following topics:
  • Longevity & Wellness
  • Professional Development  (decides who speaks/or where we tour for monthly meetings)
  • Incentive (already in place)
  • Fundraiser (already in place that is putting together staff cookbook)
  • Activities (example: staff appreciation day/week)
  • Nomination and Election (already in place)

These committees will investigate campus issues within these topic areas, brainstorm and research solutions, and create reports and quick presentations to give monthly/quarterly to Staff Council meeting.  Any ECU staff member may sign up for available standing committee slots at the Annual General Staff Meeting every August that follows convocation.

Note:  Council members are expected to actively serve on a minimum of one standing committee per year, not necessarily the chair but an active member.
Ad Hoc Committees
At any regular meeting of the Council, upon a simple majority vote of the members present, a call for an Ad Hoc committee may be made to review a specific issue. Each Ad Hoc Committee shall terminate at the beginning of the following September meeting of the Council unless another termination date is specified. The Staff Council officers will staff the Ad Hoc Committee with sufficient persons to complete the task assigned. There should be at least one Council member on any Ad Hoc Committee who will serve as Chair, present the issue to the committee and bring the committee’s findings to the Council.