International Students Programs


Non-Resident Academic Waiver

Qualifying students can apply for the non-resident tuition waiver in the amount of no less than $2,766 per academic year. To apply for the waiver a student must have the following:

Freshman - SAT score of 940 or High School GPA of 2.7
To qualify as a Freshman the student must have a 180 TOEFL score

Transfer Student - 2.0 GPA

Continuing Student - 3.0 GPA

Graduate Student - 3.0 GPA



Students that receive the non-resident tuition waiver must live in campus housing during the duration of the award.

     First semester freshmen and transfer undergraduate students as well as continuing undergraduates and first semester and transfer graduate students must apply for the non-resident tuition waiver prior to the commencement of their first semester at ECU or no later than July 15 of each academic year for continuing students.

    Details about the Non-Resident Academic Scholarship Waiver are available by e-mailing


**The Non-Resident Academic Waiver Scholarship Application may be found in the application packet.