Department of
Information Technology


To provide leadership, guidance, assistance, support, through the coordination of information management, computing, media, and telephone services enabling students, faculty, and staff to address the diverse educational needs of East Central University to effectively meet their goals as Oklahoma's premier comprehensive student-centered regional university. To accomplish this mission, Information Technology works collaboratively with the campus community to provide technological leadership which emphasizes empowerment of the individual through the use of technology.



The IT Department is comprised of dedicated professionals inspiring and guiding members of the University community as they prepare for a world of rapidly developing technological innovations, thus furthering the vision of a premier comprehensive student-centered regional university that brings cutting edge technology services to students and the faculty that serve them.



Members of the IT Department are guided by 1) Commitment to Excellence in service to help fulfill the University's mission, 2) Commitment by the Individual to the University community to be respectful, helpful, tolerant, and honest, 3)  Commitment Between Individuals to pursue and share newly acquired knowledge and abilities, 4) Commitment to the Organization by acceptance of responsibility, and 5) Commitment to Ethical Conduct.