Enrollment FAQs


Enrollment Frequently Asked Questions


I have been out of high school for many years.  Do I have to take the ACT test?
It doesn't matter how long a student has been out of school, the ACT test is still required. Everyone admitted to ECU who has attempted 24 hours or less is required to take it.

I have been to several different colleges and all of my course work is on my last transcript. Do I have to request a transcript from each school that I've attended or can you accept this one?
Even though the course work from each school is on your last transcript, you are still required to request an official transcript from each school to be sent to the Admissions Office.

How many hours will you accept from my two-year college?
East Central University will accept up to 64 hours toward the 124 hour requirement from any previous two-year colleges attended. Sixty hours must be taken from a senior college to receive a degree.

How do I know which classes are going to transfer?
All hours from accredited institutions will transfer to East Central. Some will transfer only as elective hours and some will equate to specific courses. Your advisor will assist you in knowing how transfer courses will apply toward degree requirements.

Do zero-level courses count in my gpa?
Zero-level courses do not count in the gpa, regardless of whether you pass or fail them. You will not receive any credit hours for zero-level courses.

My transcript from my previous school is based on quarter hours. How will those hours convert to semester hours?
The number of quarter hours is multiplied by 2/3 to equal semester hours.

I need help choosing a major.  Is there anyone I can talk to?
For general questions about choosing a major, or deciding on your career path, you can contact our Career Development Office in Rm. 108 McBride.

If I withdraw from my classes this semester, can I still enroll next semester?
When a student withdraws from a semester, it does not mean that he/she withdraws from the university, nor does it affect any previous or future semesters. You are only withdrawing (dropping classes) from the semester you indicated on your withdrawal card.

How do I drop or add a class?
If a student wants to add or drop a class, he/she should go to the Office of Admissions & Records and complete a drop/add card and bring it back to Admissions & Records for processing.  The Financial Aid Office must sign your card if you are changing status.

If I don't pay my tuition by the due date, will I automatically be canceled?
Students who do not pay their tuition by the due date are not automatically canceled. If you want your enrollment canceled, please send written verification [by fax, mail or email] requesting us to do so.

I took classes at a career tech center. Will my hours transfer as college credit?
East Central University does not accept any course work granted by a career tech center.

Do I have to pay an application fee?
All undergraduate students who have never attended East Central University will be required to pay a $20 application fee at the time of submitting their Application for Admission.  Graduate students aren't required to pay an application fee.  (Graduate and undergraduate International students should pay the $50 application processing fee in lieu of the $20 application fee.

I will finish my course work this semester but I will not walk across the stage during graduation. Do I still have to pay the $50/$75 graduation fee?
Regardless if you attend the graduation ceremony, you must pay the $50 ($75 for master's) graduation fee. A hold will be placed on your record and you will not receive your diploma or an official transcript reflecting the degree without paying this fee.

My name is Jane Doe and I would like to know my grades.  If I give you my social security number, will you give them to me over the telephone?
Confidential information about a student's grades, number of hours, major, etc. are not available over the telephone. However, you can access this information on the web by accessing MyECU through the ECU website.  You must have your username and password in order to view them.

I moved and need to have my address changed. If I give you my new address, will you change it for me?
In order to have your address changed, a written request [by fax or mail] will need to be sent to the Office of Admissions & Records including your name, social security number, new address, a copy of a photo id or driver's license and signature.  You may also access our Name/Address Change form online.

I took a class and made an F in it. If I retake the class again, will the F be removed from my transcript?
No grades are removed from a student's transcript. If a student retakes a class, it is recorded in the semester in which he/she re-takes it. A student may retake up to four courses in which he/she previously made a D or F (not to exceed 18 hours) to have the first grade removed from the gpa. Any course repeated more than one time will be averaged into your gpa.

I was born and raised in Oklahoma, but I moved to Texas about two years ago and just returned to Oklahoma. Will I have to pay out-of-state fees?
Yes, out-of-state fees will be charged. It takes one year to gain residency and one year to lose it. See the residency policy in the ECU Catalog for exceptions.

I live about an hour away. Is there any way I can enroll by phone?
East Central University does not take enrollment over the telephone. We do, however, take enrollments through our Distance Education Office by phone for those students who wish to take classes via the internet or through distance learning.

I was in the military for several years. How do I go about getting college credit for some courses I took there?
The student will need to provide certificates from any military schools attended, as well as a copy of their DD214 form. The information will be evaluated to determine if credit will be granted.  In lieu of certificates, Army members may provide an AART transcript and Navy and Marine members may provide a SMART transcript.

I went to ECU for three semesters and sat out last semester. When I come back, will I be under the new catalog?
If a student is out of school for any period of time (not including summers), he/she will be subject to the requirements of the new catalog once they return. However, a student may petition to remain under the previous catalog. Information on how to petition may be obtained in the Office of Admissions and Records.

I just got married a month ago and need to change my name. I don't have my marriage license with me. Will my driver's license work?
To change your name on ECU records because of marriage or divorce, a student must submit a copy of their marriage license or divorce decree to the Office of Admissions & Records. If the student obtains a legal name change, all legal documents showing proof of name change must be submitted.

How many classes can I retake?
A student can retake up to four courses not to exceed 18 hours, without the reviewed courses counting against them. After retaking the allotted number of courses, all remaining courses retaken will be averaged into the student's gpa.

I went to a university back home and didn't do very well. Can I just start all over?
Students can get a fresh start in college if they did poorly at another school; however, any course work that was taken at other schools MUST be submitted. Failure to do so is falsification of records and is grounds for expulsion. Once all records are submitted, you may see if you qualify for a renewal. This will allow you to remove all coursework 5 years or older from your GPA.

What is an academic reprieve?
An academic reprieve is a policy in which up to two semesters may be removed from the gpa. The semesters must be consecutive and must be at least three years old or older. No grade below a C may appear on the transcript since those semesters and the student must have completed at least 12 hours following the semesters being reprieved. The student must be enrolled at ECU to request a reprieve. The reprieved work is not removed from the student's academic record.  Graduate students and post-graduate students not pursuing a 2nd bachelor's degree or first-time teaching certificate will not be considered for an academic reprieve. 

What is an academic renewal?
An academic renewal is a policy in which several semesters may be removed from the gpa. The renewal must begin with the very first semester and the semesters must be consecutive and at least five years old or older.  No grade below a C may appear on the transcript since those semesters and the student must have completed at least 12 hours following the semesters being renewed. The student must be enrolled at ECU to request a renewal. The renewed work is not removed from the student's academic record.  Graduate students and post-graduate students not pursuing a 2nd bachelor's degree or first-time teaching certificate will not be considered for an academic renewal.

What's the difference between cumulative and retention gpa?
East Central University uses the student's retention gpa, listed as "retn" on your transcript, for retention and graduation purposes. The retention gpa does not reflect courses that a student has retaken, reprieved, or renewed, whereas the cumulative gpa does. Cumulative gpa reflects everything you've ever taken without the benefit of the reviewed classes.