Emergency Procedures

Tornados or High Winds


Tornado "Watch"- The conditions in the area specified are capable of producing a tornado or severe weather.

Tornado "Warning"- Tornado may be imminent. Tornado is actually on the ground or funnel rotation has been indicated by radar. Take shelter. - Weather reports should be monitored continuously. - Most tornadoes come from a south west direction.


  1. Tornado watch and warnings will be monitored by a radio at the ECU Police Department and Human Resource Office.
  2. Civil Defense siren will sound or
  3. Campus Police will notify
  4. Information from local TV/Radio Stations will be confirmed by Campus Police.
  5. Under a "warning", the Administration Building, Library, Wellness Center, Fentem Hall, Environmental Science Building, and Kerr Activity Center will be advised.

When a Warning is given

Everyone must follow all directions given by emergency personnel and proceed safely to the nearest shelter area. Everyone on campus has a responsibility during a tornado emergency.


In the event the sirens should sound.

  1. Faculty will inform their class of the shelter location and lead them there. Once safely in shelter, faculty member will take roll and note any unaccounted-for students. Faculty will close classroom doors and remain with their classes to be sure students are following the tornado evacuation procedures and verify student count.
  2. Staff and employees will be led by supervisors to shelter locations. In the shelter, the supervisor or designated personnel will take a head count and note any unaccounted-for personnel.
  3. Visitors, students with no scheduled class and employees not in assigned shelters will check into the nearest shelter location and report to any Emergency Operations Personnel who will make note of the visitor, student or employee.


  1. Building alarms will be sounded.
  2. All housing personnel in the building must fall into duty, whether scheduled or not, and assist in evacuation. Evacuation should begin on top floors of each building.
  3. Notify each dorm and suite, making sure each resident is aware of the situation. Do not waste time trying to convince a non-complying individual but do note that they were warned.


  1. During evacuation DO NOT USE ELEVATORS.
  2. When in shelter, go to the lowest level, next to an inside wall and assume kneeling position, head down, with hands covering head.
  3. In an outside office, blinds are to be closed on windows and office personnel should only use telephones in an inner office.
  4. Avoid all large clear span buildings (gym, cafeteria) during a tornado.
  5. Wait for all clear signals before returning to classroom or residence hall rooms.
  6. The radio should be located within hearing distance of office personnel if at all possible.


  • Resident Halls: Basement floors
  • Pontotoc Hall: Ground floor in wing "C"
  • Briles Hall and Pesagi Hall: Basement of first floor
  • Science Hall: Basement floor
  • Administration Building: First floor hallway
  • Education Building: Basement floor
  • Student Union: Ballroom
  • Linscheid Library: West wall of second floor
  • Linscheid Library Annex: break room of first floor (not open to public)

The following locations are of comparative safety.

  • Horace Mann: First floor hallways
  • Fentem Hall: Basement
  • Norris Field Stadium: East side of dressing room