Printing Guidelines

You can drop off printing orders at our office or e-mail them to with instructions in the text of the message and the file to be printed as an attachment. Please include all the instructions that are found on the work order slips such as number of copies, two-sided or stapled. A couple of items that we require on all orders is the date/time the order is submitted and the date/time the order is needed. Most files will work but we prefer pdf and Word files the best. We've had some past problems with spacing issues such as page breaks and inserting graphics so please pay special attention to those areas.  Please remove blank pages at the end of your files before you e-mail them to us and consolidate multiple files that will be copied together into a single order.  We ask that you number the pages, especially for tests, so that they can easily be put back in the original order if they happen to jam in the scanning area of the copiers plus it is easier to verify that the order has the correct number of pages. 

There is a 24 hour turnaround time on all printing orders, and large or specialty orders usually require at least 3 business days. You may ask to wait on printing jobs throughout the day if we are not busy with other orders.  If we are busy, we can give you an approximate wait time or when you should be able to return to pick up the completed orders The first and last couple of weeks of semesters are our busiest times so please plan accordingly. One of the most important things that we require of work orders are that they be "copy ready" when sent by e-mail or brought to our office. That means we can print them directly without having to manually cut and paste, use white-out, tape pages together or adjust files due to spacing or format issues.

Our regular copiers are digital and perform a variety of functions. These include 3-hole punching, folding and booklet creation. In the past, booklets have been very hard to assemble due to page numbering and space issues. The booklet creation feature on these digital copiers takes single pages and automatically adjusts the sizing and pages for you. We can print them on 8-1/2 x 11 up to 11 x 17 paper folded in half to make a booklet.