Package Information

The Mail & Printing Services Office is the centralized location on campus for dropping off and picking up packages. We directly receive express and next day air shipments from DHL and FedEx. Packages from the postal system such as Media Mail, Priority Mail and Express Mail are brought to our office once the Bookstore sorts out their student mail. Ground shipments from UPS and FedEx are delivered to the Physical Plant Storeroom. They usually deliver heavy or multiple packages directly to the departments and bring the smaller items to our office.

We receive these packages at various times throughout the day. DHL normally delivers late in the morning around 11:00 a.m. and FedEx shows up around mid-afternoon. We usually receive the postal items around noon and will put them in the mailboxes if they fit. Ground packages are normally brought to our office by the Physical Plant after 3:00 p.m. You'll receive an e-mail when these items are brought to our office and ready for pickup. Our office does make package and work order deliveries to most of the instructional and administrative buildings when we have adequate time and staffing.

Outgoing packages for regular mail, DHL, FedEx and UPS need to be brought to our office for shipment off campus. Please remove all old labels and markings from your packages before bringing them to our office. Staples should never be used to seal envelope packages and we have strapping tape you can use for those. We'll also need to know how much the contents of your packages are worth and if you will need to send them by a certain carrier for tracking purposes. Expensive items, such as electronic equipment, should be sent in their original packing materials. All packages must have the "from" and "to" addresses printed out on labels or legibly written in ink.

Our office can send items through the postal system such as Priority Mail and Express Mail but it will usually add another day of transit time for your packages. We can affix the postage to these packages, and if you take them to the Ada Post Office by around 10:00 a.m., they should go out on the morning mail run. The Physical Plant personnel pick up the outgoing UPS packages when they make deliveries to our office. They enter the items on a log sheet and give them to the carrier for pickup at their dock. Some items are returned on what are known as "call tags". These are simply return labels being sent from a company in which you have mutually agreed to return items back to them. Bring these packages to our office and let us know a call tag will be sent to return them back to the company. We'll send the packages down to the Physical Plant Storeroom where they will wait for the carriers to bring them the labels for shipment. Packages for DHL and FedEx are usually billed to the person or company receiving the items or to an established ECU account. Those are set up through purchase orders on the Jenzabar system. Make sure the DHL and FedEx items are physically at our office before calling the companies to schedule a pickup. There is also a drop box for FedEx located in front of the Ada Post Office with weekday pickups around 5:00 p.m.

We receive numerous inquiries about the status of incoming packages. To answer those questions we need to know by which carrier it was shipped and if you have a tracking number for your items. You can go to the websites of the carriers and enter the tracking number to check the progress of your packages or whether they have already been delivered. Items sent through the postal system are not traceable unless they have been sent using a confirmation service such as Certified Mail.

Some of the major problems we have with packages are inaccurate and missing information on the shipping labels. We receive several packages each week without individual or office names on the labels. Be sure to completely fill in the billing and address screens when you place orders with companies. Most online screens have a purchase order block which should be used for requisitions or you can put in your name or telephone number if paying with a Procard as an extra means of identification. We especially have problems when purchases are made with Procards because they often use drop shipments from secondary companies and are almost impossible to track.