Oklahoma Victim Assistance Academy


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Sponsored by the Office of the Attorney General

June 2nd - 7th, 2013

East Central University in Ada, Oklahoma

Don't miss this event which provides
Victim Service Providers, Law Enforcement & Allied Professionals
with a comprehensive, academic & specialized training.

Application Deadline April 25, 2013

The OVAA is an intensive week-long course of study designed to improve the quality and consistency of victim services in Oklahoma. It is open to victim advocates, service providers, law enforcement professionals and social service providers who work with crime victims.

The academy increases providers’ capacity to serve those victimized by crime, encourages cutting-edge thinking about ways to help victims regain control of their lives, and enhances the multidisciplinary training currently provided.

The OVAA is modeled after the National Victim Assistance Academy offered  through the Office for Victims of Crime. The comprehensive curriculum is based on a recent needs assessment that was conducted after the Oklahoma Office of the Attorney General was awarded a federal grant from OVC to develop Oklahoma’s academy.

The OVAA is looking for advocates, providers and professionals who work in any capacity in a paid or volunteer position having direct contact with Oklahoma crime victims.       Candidates should have less than five years of experience working with victims. Applicants with more than five years’ experience are required to submit written justification why they should be considered for the academy.

Participants also must be in-residence at the campus residence halls for the entire 40-hour training.

The comprehensive, academic and specialized training will include 40 hours of in-class study and 20 to 40 hours of pre-academy online course work.

For questions contact:

Fara Brown
OK Attorney General's Office


Tina Harman
OK District Attorney's Council

The academy will include 40 hours of in-class study and 20-40 hours of pre-academy online course work.


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