Office of Admissions and Records
1100 E. 14th Street, ECU PMB J8
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Each student who plans to enter East Central University for the first time must have all the following on file in the Office of Admissions and Records:

  • If an undergraduate student, your ACT report, a current official transcript from your high school and college(s), and a copy of your current schedule.  High school transcript should indicate GPA and rank.  If your transcript is submitted prior to high school graduation or completion of final semester at another college, send your final transcript when complete.
  • If a graduate student, copies of your official transcripts, showing your last degree and any other graduate work attempted.
  • This Admission form.
  • $20 Application Fee for Undergraduate Students or $50 Application Fee for International Students.
  • Immunization records are required.
  • Please do not print this form and mail it in. Submit this application using the transmit button below.
Section I



       (either on-campus or via distance education)



Section II
       -  -

Legal Name:

Section III

If you are not a citizen of the U.S.:

Section IV


       American Indian/Alaskan Native                       African American                       Asian

       Hispanic or Latino                                             Caucasian                                  Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander

Section V
Residence Status:

Have you lived continuously in Oklahoma for the past 12 months?   

Date of Arrival in Oklahoma: 

Your County of Residence 

Out-of-state resident - Your State of Residence 


Are you or your spouse on active duty?   

Section VI

Date of Birth:                 
Section VII
Section VIII
Educational Objectives:


Major field of study 

Section IX
High School Information:

If you did not graduate, do you have a GED?             

Have you taken the ACT or SAT?                       

International Students: Have you taken the TOEFL in the last 2 years?                        

Section X
Student Permanent Mailing Address:  (No. P. O. Box for International Address, please)
                  (000) 000-0000
Section XI
List names and locations of ALL colleges and universities in which you have enrolled.
  • If you have ever attended ECU, including courses taught via Distance Education, list in this section also.
  • If you hold a bachelor's degree, list only your degree college and other colleges attended later.

Are you eligible to re-enter now, in good standing - without probation - all schools previously attended?


Is your total college grade average C or above?                 

Name of college or university 
(List in Order of Attendance)
City and State Dates of
Sem Hrs
Degree Earned and
Date of Graduate

(Failure to list institutions attended may result in loss of credit or dismissal.)

Section XII

Have you ever, for reasons of conduct, been considered ineligible for enrollment at an educational institution?          

Have you been convicted of, or pled guilty or no contest to a felony?          

If you answered yes to either of these questions, please write a description of the circumstances (500 characters maximum):

Your e-mail address.  This is necessary for us to send you further information. 

Under Penalty of Perjury, I certify the above is true and correct.

I understand that my submission of this form will be considered a "signature".

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