Student Development

ECU Spring Education Career Fair
Wednesday, April 24, 2013
Education Building

Welcome to the Division of Student Development!

The ECU Division of Student Development, in supporting the University's education mission, provides a variety of programs and services that support and advance access and opportunity while fostering the success of all we serve.

The Division aspires to be student-centered and learning-focused. Our staff are caring educators who are highly skilled and dedicated to helping our students develop to their full potential. We are committed to empowering those we serve to take responsibility for their academic work, social life and career development.

Tenets/Assumptions that facilitate accomplishment of our mission:

  • Student Development recognizes that students have value and deserve respect; their individuality and values must be understood and considered in the development of our programs and services.
  • Student Development recognizes that students develop at different rates and times and not always as predicted by theory. Development is not always painless; growth often occurs in the wake of challenge and adversity.
  • Student Development affords students the opportunity to develop their leadership skills in an environment that is supportive, nurturing, and challenging.
  • Student Development affords students the opportunity for academic success, to promote development, enhance and protect a sense of community, and provide experiences that can assist students in cultivating skills necessary to live productively in a complex global society.
  • Student Development promotes accountability, resourcefulness and creativity manifested by our collegiality and teamwork.
  • Student Development seeks opportunities to collaborate. To that end, we will expand existing partnerships and develop services and programs that offer the opportunity to form additional, mutually-beneficial partnerships with other campus and community entities.
  • Student Development strives to be responsive to constituent needs and desires while maintaining high expectations and standards. We commit to providing responsive, accurate, accessible and courteous service.
  • Student Development commits to ensuring that staff and resources are aligned appropriately to foster student success at the point of college exploration and recruitment, to the point of college selection and enrollment, through a successful transition, and culminating in persistence to graduation and post-graduation planning.
  • Student Development develops, implements and periodically evaluates its goals and objectives within the Division so that each unit can demonstrate and articulate a tangible assessment of quantity, quality and effect of the programs and services we provide to meet constituent and institutional needs.