Tommy Hewett, M.D. Wellness Center & McBride Complex Policies

East Central University


  1. All new patrons and ECU students must attend orientation and complete all required liability forms prior to facility use.
  2. It is mandatory for all users to check-in at our front desk with a valid ECU student ID or Wellness Center ID card, at each visit, before using any facilities. Individuals that bypass the required check-in process or who present false identification will be automatically suspended.
  3. The Wellness Center Director and staff are responsible for enforcing all policies and rules. Users that do not adhere to the directions provided by the staff and/or abuse personnel through language or conduct will have privileges suspended or revoked.
  4. Offensive or profane language, disruptive behavior, and intimidation will not be tolerated. Failure to comply with policies will result in immediate removal from the facility and/or loss of privileges.
  5. The Wellness Center works closely with the Dean of Students and ECUPD for situations that warrant further corrective or disciplinary action.
  6. Facilities are under video surveillance.
  7. Day lockers are available by the racquetball courts and are recommended for storing items during each visit. The Wellness Center is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  8. Equipment is available to check-out or rent with a valid ID. Users are responsible for equipment checked out in their name. If the item is not returned the user will be charged a replacement fee. If the fee is not paid the user will be suspended and a hold will be placed on the users account in the Bursars office.
  9. Solicitation of nutritional supplements, unauthorized personal training, or any type of one-on-one instruction, and network marketing products are prohibited.
  10. Personal listening devices with headphones are recommended. Portable stereos are not allowed.
  11. No food or drinks are allowed with the only exception being water in a spill-proof bottle. The use of any form of tobacco or alcohol is prohibited. Anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be automatically suspended.
  12. The ECU Wellness Center and McBride Complex are multi-use facilities. Therefore, the need to limit or close some or all of the facilities for the purpose of maintenance, safety, or special events may occur. Exceptions to the regular hours of operation will be posted in advance and every effort will be made to minimize such occurrences.
  13. Family is defined as enrollee, spouse, and natural or adopted children under age 18 or 23 if currently enrolled in college. Requests for exceptions to this policy should be made to the director.
  14. Children 12 and under cannot use the circuit room, indoor track, or participate in adult group exercise classes; however, they can use the pool, basketball court, and racquetball courts when accompanied by a responsible adult (16 or over). Youth ages 13-15 must be accompanied by a responsible adult to use any area of the Wellness Center.
  15. Those officially retired from the university will receive the same fee package as faculty/staff.
  16. When ECU students or employees leave the University their status within the Wellness Center will end.
  17. Visitor parking permits are available for community members only.

Circuit Room

  1. Children 12 and under are not allowed in the circuit room. Children ages 13-15 can use the circuit room when accompanied by a responsible adult.
  2. All equipment is to be used according to established procedures. Return all equipment, plates, and dumbbells to the proper storage area or rack after use. All equipment must stay in the weight room.
  3. Due to the 2nd floor location of the weight room and the potential risk involved, users are not allowed to drop weights on the floor.
  4. Staff is not available to spot. Snap collars must be put on bars before lifting.
  5. Practice proper weight room etiquette and be courteous to others when lifting. Do not sit on machines between sets when someone is waiting to use it. You may not monopolize more than one piece of equipment at a time.
  6. Wipe down equipment after use. Spray bottles with cleaner and towels are located throughout the facility. Do not directly spray the console of the cardiovascular equipment.
  7. Circuit Room dress code:
  8. Full-length shirt that covers the chest, back, and abdominal areas.
  9. Soft-soled, closed-toe athletic shoes.
  10. No denim or pants with buttons or zippers that can tear the padding on equipment.
  11. Cardiovascular equipment reservations:
    • Reservations must be made at the circuit room desk prior to using cardiovascular equipment and can be made three days in advance.
    • Reservations can be made for no more than two (2) consecutive time slots. However, if at the end of the workout the equipment is not reserved, the patron can then make reservations for the next time slot. ? If a patron is more than 5 minutes late, his/her reservation will be forfeited even if the reservation is made for consecutive time slots.
  12. Television stations are pre-programmed and cannot be changed. The Wellness Center staff will monitor TV stations and material determined to be obscene or unsuitable will not be allowed.

Racquetball Courts

  1. When playing racquetball, safety goggles must be worn at all times.
  2. No black-soled shoes are allowed on racquetball courts.
  3. Racquetball Court Reservations:
    • Reservations must be made at the front desk prior to use and can be made two days in advance.
    • Reservations cannot be made for more than one time slot at a time. However, if at the end of the hour the court is not reserved, the patron can then make reservations for the next time slot.
    • If a patron is more than 10 minutes late, his/her reservation will be forfeited.
    • Racquetball equipment is available for rent at the front desk.

McBride Pool

  1. Children 12 and under must be directly supervised by an adult in the pool. Youth ages 13-15 can use the pool when accompanied by a responsible adult.
  2. Prior to pool use, all patrons (including children) must check in with a valid Wellness Center or ECU Student ID.
  3. A cleansing bath, using warm water and soap must be taken before entering the pool.
  4. Persons with open wounds, bandages, or any symptoms of communicable disease shall be prevented from entering the water.
  5. Persons that have had diarrhea in the past two weeks are prohibited in the water.
  6. Swimming alone is prohibited.
  7. All persons who are under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs are excluded from the bathing place facility.
  8. No animals are allowed in the water.
  9. Safety equipment is not to be used for play or tampered with.
  10. Running and rough play are prohibited in and around the water.
  11. No glass containers or food are allowed in the area.
  12. Do not enter water if the main drain cover is missing or not securely attached.
  13. Do not remove main drain covers or gates.
  14. No swimming, diving, playing, or snorkeling near the main drain.
  15. Bathing load limit is 74 persons.
  16. No diving in shallow water.
  17. No diving off racing blocks; they are for swim team use only.
  18. Those using life jackets and all non-swimmers must have an adult in the water with them at all times.
  19. No rafts, inflatables, water guns, or other recreational toys are allowed in the pool. Exceptions may be made for private swim parties. However, large inflatables are prohibited at all times.
  20. Only adults are allowed access to items in the cages. Lane ropes are not allowed to be in the pool during open swim or pool parties.
  21. Non-toilet trained children must wear swim diapers in the pool.
  22. Participants should not enter the pool area until the start time of the class or program.

McBride Gym & Track

  1. Children 12 and under are not allowed on the indoor track. Youth ages 13-15 can use the track when accompanied by a responsible adult.
  2. Prior to facility use, all users (including children & spectators) must check in at the front desk with a valid ID.
  3. Athletic shoes only in the gym. No street shoes or black marking soles allowed.
  4. No dunking. No hanging on the rims or nets.
  5. Full court play is allowed during the hours of 2pm-6pm, Mon. – Fri.
  6. Profanity, disruptive conduct and aggressive behavior will not be tolerated.
  7. The track may be used for running or walking. Runners use outside lanes and walkers use inside lanes.
  8. Strollers and wheeled recreational devices are prohibited from being used on the track and gym floor.

Group Exercise

  1. Children 12 and under cannot participate in adult group exercise classes. Youth ages 13-15 can participate when accompanied by a responsible adult.
  2. Attending group exercise classes from start to finish is strongly recommended. The proper warm up, aerobic segment, and cool down are very important to decrease risk for injury.
  3. Classes may be canceled at any time due to lack of participation/interest, or instructor availability.
  4. Classes will not be held during major holidays and University closures.
  5. Instructor reserves the right to change the class format at anytime.

Locker Room

  1. Lockers are available for all Wellness Center patrons. It is recommended that each patron bring a personal lock to use on his/her locker. Patrons are encouraged not to leave personal items unsecured in the locker room.
  2. Lockers are on a first come first serve basis. The facility does not rent lockers or keep a record of those individuals using them.

Revised 4/2012