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Family Support:

What is school readiness? School readiness is more than knowing ABCs and 123s. While this is important, it’s just as important for children to be healthy both physically and emotionally. School readiness is arriving at school with the knowledge, skills, and physical and emotional health needed to successfully participate. It includes having basic human needs such as food, shelter, and loving and nurturing relationships met so that children can focus on learning. The first years of a child’s life are critical to their success in school and in life!



Strengthening Families:

Strengthening Families is a means for child care providers to build relationships with parents, and help providers and parents better understand child development and their children’s temperaments. The ultimate goal of the program is the prevention of child abuse and neglect.



Family Education Centers:

Libraries in the four-county area offer CD’s, DVD’s, books and other resources on updated trends and current practices in parenting education, child health and nutrition, and child development. These items are excellent resources for parents and non-traditional care givers, as well as guides for training. All resources are offered for check-out to anyone with a library card. Family Education Centers are currently in the Ada Public Library, Allen Public Library, Johnston County Public Library (Tishomingo), Lindsay Community Library, Mary E. Parker Memorial Library (Sulphur), Maysville Public Library, Nora S. Warren Memorial Library (Pauls Valley) and the Wynnewood Public Library.