Psychology Department Faculty


Joanna F. Harris-Young, Ph.D., Chair and Professor
Education 200 (580-559-5318)

Dr. Harris-Young received her degree from the University of Oklahoma in developmental psychology in 1990. She teaches primarily developmental classes at both the graduate and undergraduate level; this includes Child Development, Adolescent Development and Advanced Psychology of Childhood and Adolescence. Dr. Harris also teaches the Experimental and the Statistics courses for both the graduate and undergraduate students. Her research interests are in the areas of cognitive development theory and knowledge base, and the teaching effectiveness of college internet courses.  She is also a co-advisor of the Psi Chi Student Organization.


John J. Burke, Ph.D., Professor
Education 305C (580-559-5340)

Dr. Burke received his degree from West Virginia University and he is primarily responsible for teaching General Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Behavioral Management at the undergraduate level and Advanced Abnormal Psychology and Professional Orientation, Cognitive-Behavioral Theories & Methods of Counselling and Psychotherapy, and Ethics in Clinical Psychology courses at the graduate level. Dr. Burke is also responsible for monitoring most of the graduate Practicums in Psychology.


R. Sterling Lynd, Ph.D., Adjunct Faculty
Education 307-B (580-559-5343)

Dr. Lynd received his degree in clinical psychology from the University of North Texas in Denton. Dr. Lynd currently teaches General Psychology, Child and Adolescent Psychology and Psychology of Aging at the undergraduate level and Behavioral Intervention with Children and Adolescent Psychopathology and Treatment at the graduate level.


Marc A. Klippenstine, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Education 305E, (580-559-5342)

Dr. Marc Klippenstine received his Doctorate degree from York University, Toronto, Canada. His teaching interests include  Forensic Psychology, General Psychology, History and Systems of Psychology, Psychology of Learning & Cognition, Physiological Psychology, Writing and Design for Psychological Research, Experimental Psychology, and Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences, at the undergraduate level and Advanced Educational Psychology at the graduate level.  His research interests are in the areas of social psychology and the intersection of law and psychology. The main focus of this research has been on the social psychology of jury decision-making.  He is also a co-advisor of the Psi Chi Student Organization.


Susan Brigman, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Education 307A, (580-559-5344)

Dr. Susan Brigman received her Doctorate degree from Louisiana State University. Her teaching interests include Child and Adolescent Psychology, Psychology of Aging, and Learning and Cognition. Dr. Brigman’s research emphasis is in the area of cognitive aging and centers broadly around understanding normative, age-related memory changes in healthy older adults.  


Santa G. Velez, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Education 212C, (580-559-5324)

Dr. Velez received her Doctorate degree from the University of Texas at Austin. She is a Nationally Certified School Psychologist as well as a Licensed Professional Counselor. Dr. Velez has served as a Certified School Psychologist for Norman Public Schools. She also has extensive practical experience as a Licensed Professional Counselor for various counseling centers.


Jody Alford, M.S., Adjunct Instructor
Education 307A (580-559-5328)

Jody Alford received her Master's from East Central University.  Her teaching duties have included Child Development, Adolescent Development, Psychology of Tests & Measurement, Abnormal Psychology and Psychology of Personality at the undergraduate level as well as Theories of Personality and Human Behavior and Intellectual Assessment at the graduate level.


Bill Heitland, Ph.D.


Usha Fountain, Ph.D.


Jack Paschall, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus


Ellen Harwell


Catherine Roring