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At the undergraduate level, psychology is offered as a major leading to a B.S. in Psychology and as a minor. Psychology is the second most popular major at U.S. colleges. The reason for this popularity is likely because the scientific study of behavior, thinking, and feeling is important for an extremely wide range of professional pursuits. In addition to preparing students for immediate employment, our undergraduate program in psychology lays a solid foundation for those students wishing to enter professional and graduate programs. Students may earn credit by participating in research with faculty members that leads to presentations at professional meetings and publication in scientific or professional journals. These opportunities are especially valuable for those students interested in pursuing graduate training in psychology.

Graduate training in our department leads to a Master of Science degree in Psychological Services. In the graduate program, our primary mission is to train students in the methods, philosophy, and ethics of applied practice so that graduates will be capable of providing psychological services in the community. The graduate work involves both coursework and participation supervised practicum in the area. Graduates are eligible for licensure as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and as a Licensed Behavioral Practitioner (LBP).


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