Department of Biology Faculty

Dr. Nicholas Cheper
Professor and Chair of Biology
Education: BS, University of Notre Dame, MA, SUNY at Stony Brook, PhD, University of Tennessee
Areas of Interest: Invertebrate Zoology, Ecology
Office: Room 158 P&ES
Phone: 580-559-5501
Courses taught: General Biology, General Zoology, Genetics and Evolution, Ecology


Dr. Kenneth Andrews
Associate Professor, PA and PT advisor
Education: B.S. Southern Illinois University, M.S. Southern Illinois University, Ph.D. Michigan State University
Areas of Interest: Herpetology, Histology
Office: Room 170 P&ES
Phone: 580-559-5496
Courses taught: General Zoology, Histology, Animal Parasitology, Embryology 


Dr. Michael Bay
Professor, Pre-Medical Advisor
Education: BS, Cameron University,MA, Sam Houston State University, PhD, University of Arkansas
Areas of Interest: Ornithology, Vertebrate Zoology
Office: Room 102 P&ES
Phone: 580-559-5497
Courses taught: General Zoology, Human Anatomy, Human Physiology, Parasitology, Field Ornithology


Dr. Charles Biles
Education: BS, Stephen F. Austin State University, MS,Colorado State University, PhD, Texas A&M University
Areas of Interest: Plant Pathology, Physiology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology
Office: Room 152 P&ES
Phone: 580-559-5498
Courses taught: Microbiology, Human Physiology, Cell Biology, Techniques in Research in Biology


Dr. Larry Choate
Professor, Pre-Veterinary Medicine Advisor
Education: BS, Cameron University, MS, Midwestern State University, PhD, Texas Tech University
Areas of Interest: Mammalogy, Vertebrate Zoology
Office: 130 SCH
Phone: 580-559-5499
Courses taught: Human Anatomy, Comparative Anatomy, Field Zoology, Mammalogy


Dr. Terry Cluck
Professor, Medical Technology Advisor
Education: BS, Southwestern Oklahoma State University, MA, Baylor University, PhD, Texas A&M University
Areas of Interest: Genetics, Microbiology, Medical Technology
Office: 148 P&ES
Phone: 580-559-5657
Courses taught: Microbiology, Genetics, Immunology, Senior Seminar


Dr. Stephen Fields
Assistant Professor
Education: BS, Greenville College, MS, Missouri State College, PhD, University of Oklahoma
Areas of Interest:  Molecular Biology, Neurobiology, Microscopy
Office: 168 P&ES
Phone: 580-559-5792
Courses taught: General Biology, General Zoology, Molecular Biology


Dr. Rahmona Thompson
Professor, Teacher-Education Advisor
Education: BS, University of Oklahoma, MA, University of Oklahoma, PhD, Oklahoma State University
Areas of Interest: Botany, Biology Teacher Education
Office: 164 P&ES
Phone: 580-559-5495
Courses taught: General Botany, Taxonomy of Flowering Plants, General Education Seminar, Seminar: Pollination Ecology, Plant Kingdom, General Biology, Biology Senior Seminar, Freshmen Seminar, Methods of Teaching Secondary Biological and Physical Sciences, Cell and Molecular Biology


Biology Adjunct Instructors:

Ms. Sandra Dixon
101 Horace Mann Bldg

Mr. Vaden Morgan
104 P&ES