You want to Major in WHAT?!?!?

Tell folks you're thinking about a career in cartography, they will likely have puzzled looks on their faces. Tell them it's related to geography, and they might think you will only be able to teach middle school (not that there's anything wrong with that).
Despite the misconceptions, the truth is geography is one of the hot career choices for the 21st century world.  In particular, a part of geography collectively known as geotechniques, is rapidly growing in business, government, and industry.  At East Central University (ECU), you can earn a Bachelor of Science in Cartography, only one of five schools in the nation that offers such a degree.   In our program, you will gain knowledge and skills in four major areas of geotechniques:  

  • Cartography- the science and art of mapmaking
  • Remote Sensing- dealing with aerial photography and satellite images
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)- the input, management, analysis, and display of computerized geographic data
  • Global Positioning Systems- Locating oneself via satellite navigation.

You will also take some traditional geography courses, strengthening your abilities to think spatially and apply geotechniques to real-world situations.

Here are just some of the careers available to persons with an education in cartography and geography, taken from a list compiled by the Association of American Geographers (AAG):

Here is a BROCHURE you can download to read about professions in Cartography and GIS.

For more information about careers, check out the Jobs/Careers pull-down menu at the Home Page of the AAG.