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Theatre Facilities  

 Performance and other spaces

 The Ataloa Theatre 

The Hallie Brown Ford Fine Arts Center opened in the fall of 2009, providing the University and ECU Theatre with a state-of-the-art, 1089-seat, proscenium theatre called the Ataloa Theatre.  Used by ECU Theatre for musicals and larger scale non-musical productions, it rarely sits empty thanks to Music Department orchestral events, high school music events, various university and community sponsored events, and the ECU Fine Arts Season events, complete with season tickets.  The stage includes a large hydraulic orchestra pit, a complete fly system, and a rear projector and projection screen for computer-enhanced graphics and powerpoint presentations.  Outside the auditorium is a beautiful and large lobby with a ticket booth with lobby and outside windows, coat check room and concession room.  Access to the balcony area is provided by an elevator in the center of the lobby or staircases to either side of the auditiorium. 

Ataloa Soundbooth
Ataloa Stage from House Left Entrance






  Ataloa House Right Ataloa House Left






Ticket BoothLobby






A Weekend in the Country from A Little Night Music Student working in shop                   



Scene from South Pacific in the Ataloa, 2011
          set for Taming of the Shrew
Across from the Ataloa stage to the west is the Peshehonoff Scene Shop and a small costume construction room.  To the north and west are 2 large "chorus" dressing rooms and 2 "star" dressing rooms, complete with bathroom and shower facilities, and a spacious and comfortable green room.
 Chorus Dressing RoomGreenroom




The Chalmers Herman Studio Theatre

Chalmers Herman Lobby Entrance

  Dr. Kurt Edwards talks to Acting students in the Chalmers Herman






Interestingly enough, it is very difficult to get a picture of a black box theatre when there is nothing in it.  Of course, the premise of a black box theatre is that it is a black box with a black floor and black walls.  The approximately 40' square Chalmers Herman Theatre contains platforms for flexible seating up to about 200 people, which can be configured in arena, thrust, proscenium or other flexible arrangements as needed based on the production.  Minimalist sets work well in the space, but we have also built large sets, thanks to a large double-door access to the Peshehenoff Scene Shop on the north side of the space. Two doors on either end of the east wall lead to a hallway containing 2 dressing rooms, complete with bathroom and shower facilities.  Above the space are two layers of metal catwalks, allowing for creative lighting, with complete lighting and sound control above the east wall. Most of ECU Theatre's non-musical productions are performed in this space, along with performance and technical classes and the occasional luncheon or dinner for on-campus or community organizations. 
 Rehearsal for Neil Simon's Fools, Chalmers Herman, Fall 2010
Baby with the Bathwater, Chalmers Herman, Spring 2010Book of Days, Chalmers Herman, Fall 2009








Dorothy I. Summers Theatre

Dorothy I. Summers Theatre

 The Dorothy I. Summers Theatre was the mainstage facility for ECU Theatre until the Hallie Brown Ford Fine Arts Center was opened in 2009.  It was remolded and has a seating capacity of 400. It is a proscenium arch theatre with a fly system. This stage is perfect for large-scale productions such as musicals and big cast shows.  It's primary use today is for rehearsals, Opera productions, and Act II (community theatre) and Cross Timbers Theatre productions.

The theatre, housed in Science Hall, contains a large makeup area and green room, a scene shop, and storage for costumes and properties.  

    Dorothy I. Summers Theatre Seating
The Foreigner, Fall 2008





  Production of The Foreigner by Larry Shue
                                                                             Dorothy I Summers Theatre, Fall 2008