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Search the Internet


  • Alta Vista a powerful, general search tool.
  • Google fast, powerful and selective; chooses sites based on how many other sites link to them.
  • Excite another powerful searcher.
  • Hotbot scored high in a recent study of completeness.
  • Northern Light categorizes search results to help you focus.
  • Yahoo Subject guide and free-text searching of the World Wide Web.
  • search.com has the Infoseek engine as well as more obscure topic-oriented choices.
  • Ask Formally askjeeves.com, your personal search servant.
  • Profusion combines major search engines and filters the results.
  • SavvySearch, Dogpile and Metacrawler offer simultaneous searches of multiple Web search engines.
  • Wired Cybrarian Selected links, with descriptions, in two dozen categories.
  • Looksmart searches a selection of sites chosen by humans.
  • The Mining Company , a Yahoo-like index of web sites.
  • EBlast from Encyclopedia Britannica, adds human judgment to searching.
  • Reference.com searches and archives mailing lists, web forums and Usenet groups.
  • Dejanews lets you search for Usenet postings or posters.