Department of English & Languages Scholarships

Ozella Elizabeth Waner Scholarship

Ozella Elizabeth Waner Scholarship for freshman English majors. $2000 per semester, not including summer.

Margaret Nims Scholarship

Margaret Nims Scholarship for English teacher certification majors. Candidates should be of sophomore or higher standing, have a minimum 3.0 GPA, and demonstrate academic excellence.

Reed Loving Watt Scholarship

Reed Loving Watt Scholarship for English majors. Candidates should have completed 60 hours of course work, with a minimum 2.5 GPA overall and a minimum of 3.0 in English courses. Financial need, academic excellence, and leadership form the primary selection criteria.

Daisy Moore Duvall Scholarship

Daisy Moore Duvall Scholarship honors a student who exhibits excellence in literature and/or poetry. Recipients must be of sophomore or higher standing and have a minimum GPA of 3.25. Criteria for the award include academic merit, participation in extracurricular English department activities, possible submission of a critical essay or creative work, faculty letters of recommendation, and financial need.

Paul Hughes Memorial Writing Award

Paul Hughes Memorial Writing Award recognizes excellence in original creative compositions. All currently enrolled ECU students are eligible to enter works of fiction, poetry, drama, or essay.

LeMoine Blake Crabtree Award

LeMoine Blake Crabtree Award in Russian is awarded to a student with a 4.0 average in Elementary Russian I and II and who is active in the ECU Russian Club.

Criswell Memorial Scholarship

Criswell Memorial Scholarship is offered through the Ada Arts and Humanities Council (P.O. Box 453, Ada, Ok., 74821-0453) for ECU seniors who can present evidence of past creative efforts and plans for future creative endeavors.

J.H./Joyce Criswell Memorial Scholarship

The J.H. and Joyce Criswell Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to a student recommended by the English/Languages Department, with final approval by the Foundation Scholarship Committee.

Morrison Scholarship

Morrison Scholarship is for leadership in the humanities and performing arts. .

Eleanor Waner Dedmon Spanish Scholarship

For Spanish Minors. $2000/Semester, not including summer.

Gary and Lind Ainsworth Study in Russia Award

This award is given to students who participate in Study Abroad programs in Russia or Ukraine.

Young Family Scholarship for English Students

The Ron and Barbara Young Scholarship is awarded to a student majoring in English who has completed a minimum of 59 hours.

Luther Edge Scholarship

In the selection of students for these awards, preference will be given to foreign students from Spanish-speaking countries who attend ECU. The scholarship may also be awarded to students minoring in Spanish. 

Oscar Parker Spanish Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to a student majoring in Foreign Language, with a preference given to Spanish.