Bulk (Standard) Mail

The procedures for bulk (standard) mail have changed with address update policies mandated by the United States Postal Service.  Basically you need to verify that your address list is “cleansed” or has been checked by an approved postal software in order to do the mailings and receive the discounts.  The first step is to contact our office to make sure your project qualifies as bulk mail and to discuss what materials will be used for the mailing.  Standard Mail requires a minimum of 200 pieces per mailing.  We’ll need your address list e-mailed to us at least a couple of weeks before the mailing so we can process it through the software. 


Excel spreadsheets seem to work fine and we need the columns by first name, last name, address, unit (e.g. apartment number), city, state and zip code.  Pontotoc County went to the 911 addressing system several years ago and rural route addresses should no longer be used.  They should have a County Road or designation relative to a highway such as State Highway 3W.  Local addresses should have 74820 for the Ada area and 74821 for people with P.O. boxes at the Ada Post Office. 


A little prep work will speed up the process of cleansing the address lists.  Please remove the following before e-mailing us your list:  commas, extraneous columns such as telephone numbers, entries for foreign addresses, cells with missing or incomplete information and those that have the campus address of 1100 East 14th Street for faculty/staff or PMB's in the 4000 range for student mailboxes at the Bookstore.  The entries for the campus address can be processed separately and save money on postage. 


Once the list is cleansed, we’ll run the envelopes through a printer and it will sort the addresses by the various discount groups.  We have a folder/inserter machine that can take from 1-4 pieces of regular paper plus certain types of inserts and place them inside the envelopes.  We sell #10 ECU envelopes with the bulk mail permit information already printed on them which is used on all the envelopes instead of postage. Once the envelopes are stuffed, we take them to the postage machine to seal them.  So as long as you have a basic mailing, you’ll pretty much put your address list in the order specified above and e-mail it to us.


There are limitations as to what we can do using our machinery and variations may require more work on your part.  Examples include: odd size/shaped envelopes, slick materials, window envelopes, stapled pages, newsletters and postcards.  Bulk mailings are designed to be form letters using generic terms.  If you try to personalize the letter (e.g. Dear Susan instead of Dear Student) then you will need to manually match the letters to the corresponding envelopes.  Please contact our office before you start on a bulk mailing so we can ensure it meets the new guidelines.


Note:  We don't process bulk mailings at the beginning or end of semesters due to our workload.