First Class Mail

Incoming mail is dropped off at the Bookstore by the postal carrier. Their mail clerk takes out the student mail and calls our office when the remaining faculty/staff mail is ready for pickup. These times vary especially on Mondays and after holidays. The mail is normally sorted and placed in our mailboxes by 2:00 p.m. but can be as late as 4:00 p.m. after  holidays. If you have any problems opening your mailbox, please come to our office to make sure you have the right combination and then one of our staff will show you how to open your box if necessary.

The outgoing mail is taken to the Bookstore at 3 p.m. to be picked up by the postal carrier. We need your mail at our office by 2 p.m. to give us time to process it through the postage machine. If you miss this cutoff time and want to mail the items yourself, we can put postage on your envelopes as long as you will be taking them to the Ada Post Office that same day.

The mail receptacle in our office is divided into different categories. They include interoffice mail, foreign mail, student mail at the Bookstore, outgoing mail that already has postage and outgoing mail that needs postage. Interoffice mail and foreign mail will be covered later in this guide. Students renting mailboxes at the Bookstore use the official campus address of 1100 E. 14th St. with a PMB (personal mailbox) number in the 4000 range. These envelopes need to be kept separate from the regular outgoing mail so we can hand them directly to the Bookstore mail clerk. Otherwise, they will be returned right back to campus and waste the postage. The outgoing mail that already has postage includes envelopes with stamps attached or some kind of prepaid mail such as metered mail or Business Reply Mail. A recent security measure is that any envelopes or packages weighing 13 ounces or more with stamps attached must be presented in person to a clerk at a Post Office. Outgoing mail that needs postage includes all campus mail that will be run through our postage machine charged to a specific departmental or office mail code. We need this code on single envelopes or the first envelope of groups that are banded together. If you have a large stack of envelopes, you can band them together and place them on top of the mail receptacle against the wall so they don't get scattered when dropped in the slots.